SE and DE dreadlocks explained

Synthetic dreads can be divided into two types of SE dreads, i.e. Single Ended and DE Double ended. SE dreadlocks can be used for temporary attachment and as an extension of natural dreadlocks. It all depends on the tip of the dreadlocks.

Thanks to the possibility of attaching dreadlocks, your look and style will temporarily change within a few hours. Temporary attachment allows you to decide when you want to put on or take off your dreadlocks without damaging your natural hair. You can interweave my dreadlocks for many years without fear that they will get untied.

SE DREADS - this is a type of dreadlocks that looks very authentic when attached. With proper separation of the roots, your hair will not tire too much and the dreadlocks will look natural. This is my favorite type of dreadlocks due to their realistic appearance, so I always recommend to every client choosing SE dreads, even though you need to spend a little more time attaching them. You will need a little more time to separate about 60 hair spots on your head to which you can attach your dreadlocks. The effect will be rewarding. Remember to interweave dreadlocks after some time, depending on the growth rate of your hair, due to the regrowth.

DOUBLE DREADLOCKS [DE] - one DE dread is made by two joined SE dreads. When you attach one DE dread it will create two dangling ends. DE dreadlocks are recommended to be attached to larger hair sockets. Due to the fact that one DE dreadlock is actually two SE dreads joined together, you need less of them than SE dreads. This type of dreadlocks can be attached quickly and without major complications. I believe that this is the best option for quickly attaching dreadlocks for festivals and other events.

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