Loop and Brush end explained

LOOP END - is the loop on the top of the SE dread. The loop is used to attach temporary dreadlocks. This type of attachment is not very complicated, so with the help of a loved one you will definitely manage. If you have a prepared hair base the right size on your head, pull your natural hair through the loop. If your hair ends up in the center of the loop, split the strand into two equal parts. Then make a braid in which one of the strands will be a dread. Secure the area where your natural hair ends with a small rubber band. Temporary dreadlocks can be removed at any time without damaging your natural hair.

You can also attach DE dreadlocks with a braid.

BRUSH END - these are loose hair at the beginning of the dread resembling a brush, they allow you to attach the dread permanently. It should be remembered that attaching these dreadlocks is possible only when we have our own natural dreadlocks (the minimum length of a natural dread is about 5 cm) and you know how to handle a crochet. However, in case you are not able to deal with it yourself, you should go to a dreadmaker who will definitely help you. At the end of the natural dread there should be loose hair in the form of a brush to attach it to the synthetic dread. The process is similar to sewing in. It consists in weaving the strands of hair from the tip of the synthetic dread with the natural dread and vice versa - the hair of the natural dread is sewn into the synthetic dread. Thanks to the skillful use of such a technique, you can be sure that the attached dreadlocks will serve for many years.

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