Chat with me to get your personalized dreadlocks set

If you want me to make dreadlocks for you according to your preferences, please write me a message. I will be happy to help you choose a color that will match your hair. Talking with me will make our communication and setting all the details easier.

You can send me a message at any time of the day. I usually reply to messages within 24 hours. If you have a moment, you can look around my products. Write me what I should change for you in dreadlocks you see on listing. As an inspiration you can send me any photo. I will match for you the color, length, texture, ends and style of dreadlocks.

For me there are no limits! I have a wide range of colors that I can use to make your dreadlocks. Send me inspirations and I will know what dreadlocks to prepare for you. I am waiting for your message.


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Whatsapp is the fastest way to communicate.

Regards Jacek :)

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