Welcome to Dreadlock Box, a small company specializing in creating high-quality crocheted synthetic dreadlocks.

Our unique dreadlocks are attracting the attention of a growing number of satisfied customers. With passion and commitment, we offer unique synthetic dreadlocks that are handmade quality synthetic hair.

Our synthetic dreadlocks are winning praise from customers all over the world!

Thanks to the trust of our customers from different parts of the world, we are constantly developing our offer and creating new sets of dreadlocks in different colors and styles. Each set of dreadlocks is unique, because we do not stick to rigid patterns. We take great pleasure in making personalized orders! It is our flexibility and creativity that attracts so many satisfied customers. At Dreadlock Box we know that professional workmanship is the key to creating great synthetic dreadlock. Our dreadlocks are not only beautiful, but also extremely durable, which means you will enjoy them for many years!

Advantages of choosing our synthetic dreadlocks:

✅ Unique crocheted synthetic dreadlocks that stand out from the rest!

✅ You can use my dreadlocks to extend your natural dreadlocks!

Carefully crafted dreadlocks made from the highest quality synthetic hair for a natural look!

✅ Change your look for a short time - my dreadlocks can be worn temporarily!

✅ No rigid patterns - each set is created individually, emphasizing your personality!

Wide range of synthetic hair colors!

✅ Included in the price of the set, I can decorate your synthetic dreadlocks with beads or colored string!

✅ Professional handmade dreadlocks with a unique style that attracts attention!

✅ The durability of our dreadlocks allows you to enjoy them for years to come!

✅ Our dreadlocks sets are gaining recognition all over the world, as evidenced by positive reviews!

Thanks to years of experience, I am able to match the color of dreadlocks to your hair. All you need to do is send me a photo of your hair in daylight!

Professional Crocheted Synthetic Dreadlocks 100% Handmade!

We invite you to take a look at our offer and create a unique set of dreadlocks! If you have any questions for me or don't know which synthetic dreadlocks will be best for you, please contact me: Contact

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