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Synthetic Crocheted Dreadlocks...
Synthetic Crocheted Dreadlocks...
Synthetic Crocheted Dreadlocks...
Synthetic Crocheted Dreadlocks...

Synthetic Crocheted Dreadlocks 70-80cm SE DE / Color➡️ Burgundy - Red - Orange - White

In the photo you see synthetic dreadlocks in the following colors:

upper part of the dreadlock: burgundy #35 + red, orange, white.

* using the icons you can change the shade of the upper part of the dreadlock / if you want the color to be the same as you see in the photos, select "DEFAULT" color.

Dreadlocks are made of high-quality synthetic hair.

The method I use to create dreadlocks gives them a natural look and makes them very durable.

For more information about dreadlock care, see  Dreadlock care

How many dreadlocks should I buy?

 ✅For the whole head you need approximately:

  - 60 dreadlocks SE 

  - 30 dreadlocks DE

 ✅For a Mohawk you need approximately:

  - 30-40 dreadlocks SE

  - 15-20 dreadlocks DE

💡If you don't know what color of dreadlocks will be best for you, just send me a photo of your hair.

Based on the photo of your hair, I will perfectly match the color of synthetic dreadlocks that is best for you!

The color of the product may vary slightly due to different monitor settings.


Our color palette

Choose the starting color of your dread.

1 1b 2 3 4 6 8 10 12 16 22 24 27 30 35 39 60 144 350 530 613 amarant amber baby blue dark blue dark ginger dark green dark pink dark purple light ginger light green light pink light purple orange red turkus ultra red ultra white yellow
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