If you need a dread wigs or other cosplay accessories, you've come to the right place! Implements personalized projects.

Dreadlock Box - find your own dradlocks style

Dreadlock Box is a company that was created out of passion for creating synthetic dreadlocks and is driven by the positive energy of customers. I create unique, high-quality crocheted synthetic dreadlocks, made with great care. My offer includes not only dreadlocks but also other wonders, made of the highest quality synthetic hair. In my work, I have made many unusual projects, such as creating mini dreadlocks for porcelain figurines, accents for cosplay costumes and many others. If you would like to make an unusual project, please contact me, I will be happy to undertake any project that you can think of!

Each set of our dreadlocks is professionally, hand-crocheted. This process takes many hours of work, thanks to which my dreadlocks have their own unique and natural style. Dreadlocks are very durable and can be used for many years. My name is Jacek and since 2015 I have been creating dreadlock sets for you that have found customers all over the world. I'm glad you found on my website. I'm sure we'll create a great set of dreadlocks together!

Professional Crocheted Synthetic Dreadlocks 100% Handmade!

✅ Unique crocheted synthetic dreadlocks that stand out from the rest!

✅ You can use my dreadlocks to extend your natural dreadlocks!

✅ Carefully crafted dreadlocks made from the highest quality synthetic hair for a natural look!

✅ Change your look for a short time - my dreadlocks can be worn temporarily!

✅ No rigid patterns - each set is created individually, emphasizing your personality!

✅ Wide range of synthetic hair colors!

✅ Included in the price of the set, I can decorate your synthetic dreadlocks with beads or colored string!

✅ Professional handmade dreadlocks with a unique style that attracts attention!

✅ The durability of our dreadlocks allows you to enjoy them for years to come!

✅ Our dreadlocks sets are gaining recognition all over the world, as evidenced by positive reviews!

✅ Thanks to years of experience, I am able to match the color of dreadlocks to your hair. All you need to do is send me a photo of your hair in daylight!

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Our clients from all over the world motivate us to create new sets in different colors. We make dreadlocks from the highest quality synthetic bristles. Each set is unique because we don't follow a strict pattern. The high quality of our dreadlocks is confirmed by the mass of satisfied customers.

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